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Shudder - Samantha Durante This review can also be found here

This one definitely moves at a faster pace than the last one and it's more action packed as well. I did miss the big twists that existed on Stitch (even though there are still some twists...which depending on the person I guess can be more or less surprising).

I also liked that you can see another side of the main characters, a more humane side. We see Isaac's insecurities and Alessa's fears which gives them more depth and makes them seem more real.

I thought the changing POV's were very interesting and brought new sides to the story. I know that some people don't like when there are many point of views, but in my opinion they work well here.

The writing is very easy to follow and the world that Samantha created is very believable and creative. I think that this series is great both for lovers of dystopian fiction and for people who, like me, had never ventured into the genre. All the other elements from other genres (paranormal, sci-fi, even a little horror) make this book absolutely unique! Can't wait for the last one!